dimanche 5 février 2012

ZenOss Core - application de monitoring open source


Zenoss Core est une application open-source sous linux qui fournit une interface web permettant aux administrateurs système de surveiller la disponibilité, la performance et les événements de leur réseaux/système.
Outils très complet et fonctionnel :) 

petit flou sur l'intégration de netflow ? si quelqu'un à configurer pour collecter des paquets netflow merci de laisser un commentaire.

ci-dessous les principales caractéristiques :

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Modeling of entire environment including networks, servers, software, and applications
  • Mapping of IT elements and cross-platform information into a normalized data schema
  • Logical and physical grouping and mapping to business systems, locations and responsible parties
  • Population through auto-discovery, web services API, XML import/export, and manual user input

Inventory and Change Tracking

  • Automatically discover Network devices & servers
  • Icon based representation of discovered devices and organizers (Device Class, Groups, Systems, and Locations)
  • Device configuration details including interfaces, memory, disk, OS, services, processes, software
  • IP address utilization
  • Automatic logging of change history during auto-discovery and manual population
  • Automatic event generation and alerting based on change type and affected resource

Availability Monitoring

  • ICMP response testing
  • SNMP response testing
  • Testing of standard TCP/IP services (HTTP, SMTP, etc.)
  • Testing of specified TCP/IP ports with regular expression matching
  • Windows service availability testing
  • Windows process availability testing
  • Linux/Unix process availability testing
  • Support for Nagios Plug-Ins

Performance Monitoring

  • Scheduled collection and storage of SNMP OID values
  • Agentless native JMX performance monitoring of J2EE servers
  • Pre-loaded MIBs and new local MIBs
  • Support for Nagios and Cacti performance collection scripts
  • Support for custom performance collection plug-ins
  • Ability to set multiple threshold levels on a specific metric
  • Ability to generate events/alerts based on thresholds with unique severities
  • Graphing of trends over time: hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly

Event Management, Log Monitoring & Alerting

  • Aggregation of events from various sources: availability monitoring, performance monitoring, syslog sources, SNMP trap sources, Windows Event log
  • Custom event creation through XML-RPC interface
  • Application-specific text logs are processed with custom scripts and/or 3rd party log parsers
  • Ability to build event processing rules through GUI interface
  • Automatic event classification
  • Automatic event prioritization
  • Automatic de-duplication
  • Automatic begin/end correlation
  • Operator acknowledgment
  • Automatic and Manual Archiving
  • Ability to view current events and event history
  • Inventory of events and event classifications

Web Portal and Dashboards

  • Secure web-based portal/console
  • Role-based permissions
  • Custom event views
  • Customized Dashboard that summarizes active events by business system and severity
  • Rich AJAX-Enabled customized user interface with portlets
  • Drag & Drop and configurable
  • Available with Google Maps, Zenoss Object Watch List, Device Issues, Heartbeat and Production State portlets


  • Web Services API's (XML-RPC and REST)
  • XML Import/Export
  • Python Scripting Shell


  • A complete configuration for monitoring a specific software application or device
  • Performance monitoring templates that include target metrics and default thresholds
  • Event mappings for given device and software application
  • New collection daemons
  • New user interfaces and model elements

Zenoss Administration

  • User defined internal Zenoss events
  • Enables users to change alerts and messages to fit business needs
  • Custom definition of groups and rules
  • Groups can be used to aggregate alerting rules for several users into one location
  • Group rules are added to the rules defined for a given user


  • E-mailed reports with embedded graphs and images
  • Customizable and UI driven graph definition capabilities with full power of RDD Graphing Language
  • Reports that include custom selection of individual graphs
  • Multi graph reports that include combination of multiple elements for selected devices

Petit PDF par ici

le portail c'est par ici http://community.zenoss.org/

enjoy the network

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